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Brothers & Sisters

                This week has been a very active week for the union. Many of you have been asking about the status of various issues of concern. Recently, it had surfaced that Sprinkler Fitters from the water front have been working at SeaTac Airport. The Boiler Shop has been providing Fire and Life Safety services to the Port since 1964. The union met with the Fire Chief, Fire Marshall and Labor Relations. During those meetings we were able to hash out areas of jurisdiction based on past historical lines. The culmination resulted in a meeting with the Sprinkler Fitters and a tentative agreement for additional joint training is in the works between the fitters and OE's. This was a huge win. We were able to turn a potentially ugly situation into a partnership.

                The Port asked its employees to park in the Mega Lot adding one hour to your daily commute. Only 100 Port Employees answered the call to park out in the North End. 5 members from 286 were of the 100. Our contract is clear. A change in parking will be bargained. Labor relations and 286 are now in that process. A little bit of investigation revealed that the crafts that fall under the electrical trades are compensated 1hr either in OT or in reduced terminal work hours. With virtually identical contract language. Our own members working at the IWTP were compensated during a SIDA , AOA restructuring that temporarily eliminated the plants parking. We are expecting nothing less then the same consideration given to other trades and our own members. The ramifications of not standing firm on parking are far reaching and we are taking additional steps to preserve this negotiated benefit.   

                The LMC is still hammering out details for the Boiler Shops 4- 10's. It is my understanding the Port has some proposals for the next LMC. We are expecting nothing less then the same consideration given to other trades and our own members. The ramifications of not standing firm on 4-10's are far reaching and we are considering any and all additional steps to resolve this if the LMC should fail.

The Port now has the documentation on hand to determine how they will move forward with the 40 hour vacation bank lump sum that is applied when vacation accrual rates increase on the 3rd,10th and 15th year of employment. We are waiting for that news.

                What do all of these things have in common? The Port is in negotiations for the next contract. Make no mistake we are in negotiations and are working under a litigious management group. The contract is scrutinized and exploited when applicable and held to the letter when convenient. Catch phrases like closed contract are bandied about. Both the Boiler Shop and Conveyor Shop are under the leadership of new Chiefs. Both Chiefs have to straddle being Union Brothers and stewards of the Ports interests. Under the current climate not a enviable position. It is your responsibility to mentor these new leaders and help them to avoid exploitation that could potentially head our membership down the wrong path. It is your responsibility to follow the contract, report contract violations and never ever give away a negotiated right. As we move forward we must be vigilant to protect our work and each other. OE's work in almost every trade. Those other trades want your work!  We are plumbers, millwrights, plant operators, HVAC techs, DDC techs, welders, pipe fitters, sprinkler fitters, low voltage electricians and so much more. When people ask me what does a OE do at SeaTac. I reply " We do everything but one. We don't sit in the AOB tying to get more for less."


In Solidarity

Tracy Jonassen

AKA Boiler Zero

Aug 10, 2018


Good Afternoon Dane,

Happy Friday!  I wanted to reach out to let you know that based upon the attached notification relative to the increase in the IUOE H & W monthly premiums, our payroll team needs to collect $24 for both June and July premiums totaling $48 from each participant as per the terms of the expired CBA.   

In  general, our practice for an amount this small would be to deduct it all in one paycheck, and our intention in this case would be to do the same.  Let me know by 8/16/2018, if you have any questions or wish to provide additional input, otherwise I will go ahead and direct payroll to proceed. 


Greg Gauthier
Labor Relations Manager
Port of Seattle
PO Box 1209

Seattle, WA 98111
P: 206-787-3346
F: 206-787-4312


Jun 15, 2018

Congratulations are in order to Bruce Barber. He is one of eight selected from a Nationwide pool by NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) to attend a 3 day workshop of Subject Matter Experts in Alexandria, Virginia! Bruce is a certified Level: III Inspector & Tester of Water-Based Systems with additional NICET certifications in Fire Alarm Systems. As a Subject Matter Expert he will be tasked to analyze the practice area's job tasks to identify content to be covered by the exam, lay out the test content and determine the program's experience criteria, write test questions and develop any related photos/illustrations and other graphics as well as review and approve exam content.  

For over a decade Bruce has maintained, tested and kept operational over 428 sprinkler systems, some dating back to 1964. This latest achievement illustrates Bruce’s commitment to Fire and Life Safety and is in keeping with the highest traditions and standards of Operating Engineers and reflects great credit upon him, the Boiler Shop, Local 286, and The Port of Seattle.      

Jul 05, 2016

Brothers & Sisters              

Local 286 with a nationwide delegation of Operating Engineers converged in Crosby Texas earlier this week at the newly constructed International Union of Operating Engineer Training Center to discuss the potential implications of what the recently litigated Janus case could mean for represented public sector employees. Although a ruling has not been made  it is widely believed that the Supreme Court  will affirm Janus and establish a National Right to Work law for the public sector.  How and what that will look like is yet to be determined as litigation will continue defining Union Rights under the Janus ruling.  In that national forum, legal scholars theorized the implications of Right to Work and Locals already operating under State Right to Work laws shared insight. Rest assured Unions at every level have tasted Right to Work and have compiled lessons learned. The take away I took home with me was pretty simple. Locals that stepped up there representation of  members and increased their value added services have strengthened and thrived. Employers that embraced the Union relationship retained qualified employees and thrived as well. The Locals and Employers that did not adjust accordingly have not fared well under State Right To Work law.


>              More about the New Facility in Texas. Any member in good standing will be able to come and take classes with no out of pocket expenses. As long as you are a member in good standing, and get the approval from your Business Manager, the International will cover costs on Air Fare, Ground Transportation, and Lodging. Also includes 3 meals a day, a full service fitness center and pool, laundry facilities and a full service bar and lounge!! FYI the bar and lounge are complimentary.


>              Lastly as most of you know the CBA is within 90 days of expiration. If you want a voice it is incumbent on you to discuss with the elected focus group members and shop steward your desires and most importantly help them with the research and leg work to facilitate successful bargaining. I encourage each and every one of you to be value added for your Union and Employer. Always look forward, never look back but keep in mind the past paved the present. Included are some links to Janus (Right To Work) Face Book (Training Center)  and pictures taken in Crosby Texas.

> In Solidarity,

> Tracy Jonassen (Boiler Zero)

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